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The Inaugural Dubbo Cultural Forum was held on Tuesday 19 November with approximately 50 people representing the volunteer cultural community of Dubbo present.

The initial call for a cultural forum came via the Dubbo City Council’s (DCC) 2036 initiative and was listed in the DCC 2011/2012 Annual Report under Community Services as a priority for 2012/2013. “Establish a Dubbo Arts/Cultural Forum to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss marketing of facilities and services and co-operative/complementary services and activities”.

Dubbo Artz, as the existing volunteer umbrella arts organisation was appointed by the DCC Community Services Director David Dwyer to facilitate the Cultural Forum. This appointment was made on the basis of Dubbo Artz’ ability to fulfil this role from past lobbying and representational experience. As a volunteer, autonomous, self-funded organisation, Dubbo Artz also holds the unique position within the Dubbo Community to be able to lobby Government entities with full immunity because of financial independence.

There has been quite a lot of discussion and even some innuendo from a few corners of the Dubbo community that the Cultural Forum is overlapping or impinging on the role of Council Committees such as the Dubbo Event Network.  There are many tiers to community involvement within government, as well as many different opinions and procedures as to how this should occur.  These issues, pertaining solely to the Dubbo Cultural Forum, need to be clarified in order that all stakeholders are offered maximum support and opportunity to express needs, ideas or concerns with equity and respect.

  • Why Dubbo Artz? As previously stated Dubbo Artz holds a unique position as well as opportunity to lobby on behalf of the Cultural Community. Dubbo Artz has evolved serving the community, for over 50 years, in its role as Arts Council of Dubbo, thus able to bring to the table the goodwill and passion needed to represent the Cultural Community.
  • Dubbo Artz is in constant consultation with DCC Community Services Director to interpret and develop the original intention of the proposal put forward for the 2036 Initiative.
  • It is the intention of the Cultural Forum, facilitated by Dubbo Artz, to empower the many and varied volunteer cultural organisations within the Dubbo community to have an organised and united voice.
  • Dubbo Artz gratefully acknowledges the support and co-operation of Council and Government bodies, such as the WPCC, DRTCC and Orana Arts in this initiative. However, these organisations, although welcome to attend, were not targeted to participate in the Dubbo Cultural Forum as they already have their own significant conduit directly to Council and/or the State /Federal Governments.
  • It is the intention of Dubbo Artz that the Cultural Forum not be restricted to any one particular community issue, such as the promotion of events, however to embrace all ideas and needs raised, to not only strengthen the Dubbo Cultural Community, but the broader community as well.The Dubbo Artz Committee is very pleased with the outcome of the Inaugural Dubbo Cultural Forum and look forward to actioning the resolutions put forward by the organisations in attendance. Some of the ideas and needs discussed at the Forum include:
  • The need for a Cultural Officer to be employed by the Dubbo City Council to possibly cover areas of event management/co-ordination as well as funding grants applications and assistance.
  • Easily accessible “Community Calender” for the equitable and positive promotion of all events within the Dubbo Area.
  • Community Cultural Awards be considered for the Dubbo Australia Day Celebrations.
  • The financial burden of venue hiring for events needs to be addressed.

The next Dubbo Cultural Forum is currently scheduled for Tuesday 18 February 2014 at the Western Plains Cultural Centre Auditorium


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25 November 2014

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